Uh, theme?

So I’ve noticed a lot of blogs have themes with their posts. Some are based on cooking, some are politics driven, others are artsy, many are just “life of a mom/dad/student/profession”, etc. Supposedly this makes it easier for the average reader to browse through blogs and quickly find ones that match their interests.

I… don’t really have a theme. I know, Internet, I tried, I really did. No matter how hard I thought I just couldn’t think of a proper theme to give you. My sincerest apologies for my lack of categorization, I’m usually such an organized person. Honest.

If anything, this blog is what goes inside my head. What we have here is not limited to reality: what I write about may or may not have anything to do with my life, just what goes through my mind. The possibilities are endless. It’s as if I scattered a bag of ¬†marbles on a busy highway and strolled along the roadside, picking them up from whatever various location they ended up in. One day I’ll find a marble in a cafe; on another it’ll be in a history museum, on another it’ll be in an arcade, and on some occasions maybe even in the mouth of a slobbering dog.

Yes Internet, behold, you are reading the hitchhiker’s edition to my brain.


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