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And so the undead rise

Well well well. Here I am again. Mostly not dead and still kicking. Thanks to some random, obnoxious, meddling acquaintance – I have yet again taken up the (digital) pen…

Only to realize I forgot the password to my account. Good God it’s been too long. The freaking WordPress layout even got revised. How is a person supposed to take a nice break from her beautiful, innocent blog if all that awaits on her return is some drunken hooker with a sex change?

Scott?! Is... is that you?

Not much has happened since my last post. Lost some weight. Started tutoring. Built a computer. Road tripped to the East Coast. Entered graduate school. Became a teacher at church. Joined a book club full of weirdos not unlike myself. Re-ignited my long lost insomnia.

Erm. I guess if I put it that way it sounds like I did indeed do quite a bit. What’ya know ^_^

You may not believe me, oh distrustful internet, but I really have been trying to get back into blogging. I still journal, but the thoughts never make their way to the Webz. It’s always been in the back of my mind though, nibbling at my conscience one teeny morsel at a time. But no more, I say!

It won’t be regular, it won’t always be pretty, and it sure as hell won’t always be coherent, but dammit all I intend to continue writing here and spill forth brain juices onto my computer!

Totally not in a zombie way or anything. Totally.

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