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One liners part 4

If you only have hope during the good times, that hope is worse than worthless.

Would you believe me if I said that I’m not even in a cynical mood today? ^_^

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One liners part 3

If you’re willing to die for something, does that necessarily mean you’d die without it?

Maybe it’s the ballooning of boosted patriotism in the U.S. and the exaggerated sways of emotion and media hype and ideological wars that reign today that caused this thought… or it’s because I just watched the music video of Bruno Mars’ song “Grenade”… xD

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One liners part 2

To truly appreciate this you must realize that my dad cannot navigate his own computer, and must have all folders separately shortcutted onto his desktop or he will never find it. And don’t even mention keyboard shortcuts. So, when I walk downstairs and find him looking up boxing match highlights on YouTube, all by himself, I immediately think:

Ah, welcome, dear Father, to the modern age; we have cookies.

They grow up so fast. Someone grab me a hanky.

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One liners

Sometimes during one of the moments in which I’m actually conscious I will think of random one liners; it might be philosophical, it might be relevant, or it might just be a glimmer of my future insanity. Often a one liner will pop up out of the blue with no train of thought leading up to it. It is just as often that no train leads away from it.

Today, we have this:

Monsters wouldn’t exist without morals.

Yeah… What am I talking about?

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