When your life is lorem ipsum

21 Apr

Life as we know it is unfathomably complex, and because our puny little minds can only comprehend so much, we do what we do best as a human race – we ignore most of it.

Think of a street you walked down recently, or a neighborhood you drove past. Can you remember all the colors? Any faces you saw? The millions of blades of grass or pieces of gravel? There’s this pretty little phrase called sensory overload that explains what happens when we actually pay attention to everything: something breaks. Usually your brain. Whether this is your train of thought or mental health doesn’t really matter, the key point is that it’s not all that healthy to feast upon every detail of life. Just the yummy portions.

But on the other hand, ignoring everything can’t be all that healthy either.

That’s basically me nowadays. Ignoring everything. Sure, I’m productive at work, I socialize with friends, I read books and write my stories and play video games and bake goodies. I even work out (sometimes…when I remember). Life is actually quite full of stuff. Whoopee! But there’s that fuzzy disconnect between life being full, and life being engaging. Moving through the days one hazy footstep at a time, I think I’m consciously ignoring everything that doesn’t require my direct attention, and everything is a Mad Libs line where I’m inserting lorem ipsum into the blanks. The game is much more fun to play when you can fill in the words to read “… and the blue kangaroo drunkenly flew down to the beach in hopes of jumping a spiky mattress.” See? Quirky. Odd. Amusing.

Instead, I’m looking more like “… and the ut aliquet dolor flew down to the scelerisque in hopes of nullamsem consequat ac.” I mean.. yeah, it’s filled up, so I technically did it right… but it doesn’t make sense. While it’s a far cry from being sad or negative, it’s not even remotely funny. What’s Mad Libs without humor? This is the epitome of failure without actually losing.

Oh good. Because even in our most epic of failures, grammar still remains a priority.

Pop quiz: If sensory overload breaks your brain, what does sensory deficiency break?

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One response to “When your life is lorem ipsum

  1. Kelsey

    April 21, 2011 at 18:10

    that’s a sad picture there. and yet, i feel like it’s something you would very likely say to me, lol.
    totally feel this way too though


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