Please steal correctly

24 Mar

Oh hi there.

I didn’t notice you come in. Feels like we haven’t spoken in a while. That’s odd, it’s only been-

Good grief it’s almost been three weeks?!

Erm. Uh. Yeah…

Time sure flies when you’re not doing much.

Part of this can be blamed on buying Dragon Age 2 (already on my third round, can you tell I like this game?). Part of it can be blamed on my work schedule finally catching up to me. Part of it can be blamed on my brother’s spring break, forcing me to go snowboarding during the week and enjoying a marvelous day off. Honestly, the woes I suffer for my siblings.

Last I checked, March had just begun. Now it’s almost April. Hoo boy.

I don’t even remember much of what happened this month. Except for one thing: apparently someone got a hold of my debit card and used it at someplace called the Thrifty Inn.

A few red lights with this situation. One: the card was still in my wallet. It’s a bit difficult to steal a card if the holder is still holding onto it. You could say that it was an online purchase, but that comes to problem number two: it was for eight measly bucks. What can you possibly buy at an inn, online, for eight dollars? Did they buy on-demand porn or something in their already purchased room? Why didn’t they use my card to purchase that room to begin with then? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the amount wasn’t very high, but truthfully I’m baffled. Baffled I tell you.

And lastly: really? The Thrifty Inn? If you’re going to steal someone’s card and use it for as long as possible before they find out, it’s advisable to use it somewhere generic, like a grocery market or department store. You know, normal places that don’t sound like a sketchy trailer park in the middle of the desert with a sign made of lights stolen from the local casino. I’m not condoning identity theft or anything, but come on! If you’re going to break the law, do it right.

Fortunately the bank cleared that up pretty easily, and now I have a brand new identity theft, porn-free card. Whoopee. Three cheers for idiotic thieves and short sighted money spenders!

Anyways, there’s my little blurb. I shall return shortly with a real post later. No, really, I’ll be back within a week. Don’t worry your pretty little head.

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