No, really, stop crying

14 Feb

Yes, yes, we all heard, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Ohhh. Ahhh.

Good, now that you got that out of your system:

It’s a stressful day for both couples and singles alike. People in relationships are trying to push an entire year’s worth of extra love into this one day, and singles are stuck watching these couples get on with the lovey dovey. It’s an overall unpleasant experience, one that continues on in tradition because apparently Americans don’t eat nearly enough chocolate during the rest of the year to justify their horrifying obesity.

This is what I think of every time I walk into a Valentine themed candy aisle

Valentine’s Day does indeed seem pointless though. If your gift giving (or lack thereof) isn’t appreciated enough to save your relationship the rest of the year, giving a gift on the day of obligatory presents probably isn’t going to help much. And if it really is to show “how much you love them”, doesn’t it defeat the purpose to do it on the day you have to show them? Why not a week before? Or just once a month? Or when flowers don’t cost three times the usual price? Couples are now burdened with the task of doing something “special” for this Hallmark occasion, but not too special as to completely outshine every other event in the year that they must eventually partake in.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a bit unnecessary, and stressful, and really all it does is flaunt who is or isn’t in a relationship while making bank for the gifting business. But that’s no reason to get huffy about it.

In my perspective, angry singles are just as bad and obnoxious as overly romantic couples. Sure, you can rant on and on about how it’s the evil corporations taking our hard earned money and sexist stereotypes about who buys the flowers and chocolates and all that dribble about principles that don’t have to do with the fact that you’re single.

But you’re just a bitter lonely person. Quit your externally angry cries for attention. We’ve all heard it before.

Why don’t you be proud of your independence, your self-defining ways and the complete control over your own schedule? Let the lovebirds do their thing, and you do your thing. Neither really affects the other, unless you purposefully focus on them with eyes full of loathing.

It’s like glaring at the back of the head of the guy in front of you that got the last ticket to the movie. He still has his ticket, and by standing there mid-glare you just look stupid. Nothing’s going to change in this situation except for your own sensitive feelings. Get over it, buy a ticket for another movie, and maybe throw some chocolate candy in there for good measure.


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3 responses to “No, really, stop crying

  1. Ironic Mom

    February 14, 2011 at 17:35

    Well said. To me, Valentine’s Day is for those who are newly dating.

  2. francesu0

    February 14, 2011 at 17:59

    hahhaahahhahahaa i laughed so hard… irene u made my day XD for me today never felt less like a valentine’s day cuz i worked all day… and now am studying -___- and a friend’s dad passed away yesterday… so… yeah… happy valentine’s day 😦 wasn’t valentine’s day originated from some sort of murder though…

  3. Kelsey

    February 15, 2011 at 17:44

    Hey now, not all couples cram everything into V day, lol.
    Ohh Frances, are you thinking of Valentine’s day massacre?


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