Mister Sunshine

26 Jan

Why, hello there, Mister Sunshine. Good of you to finally join us at work today. You got caught up in traffic? I understand, happens to the best of us. You’ve missed out on a gay old time though. Madame Computer has already misplaced a file, and Sir Scanner appears to have mauled yet another check. Not to mention I haven’t even had my morning tea yet because somehow 3 cents got lost in the system and I just can’t seem to find those little buggers. Oh, those hooligans.

Lady Swivel Chair apparently is on strike, because she is not swiveling at all this morning. Perhaps old age is getting into her joints and rusting them up, all we need is a little warmth from-

Ah, that’s right, you weren’t able to join us earlier, were you, Mister Sunshine? It’s a pity really, because Lady Swivel Chair’s squeaking nagging seems to have bothered old Lord Calculator to the point that his number 5 is stuck; why, I’ve had to redo my tapes four times already and none of them match each other. Not a single one. Isn’t that queer?

Now, Mister Sunshine, I understand that you’re a popular old fellow and busy with a full schedule of harrumphing, but it would do the group and I a lot of good if you could just come a little earlier. Perhaps warm up my car a bit so I don’t have to sit there with the engine on for 5 minutes. Gas prices are awfully high you know. Or even give a little bit of visibility during 5 o clock traffic, because I think someone missed you so much that they almost didn’t see me right next to them as they merged into my lane. We can’t have such good folks being heartsick over their bosom friend Sun, now can we?

Anyhoo, it’s time to chase down those 3 cents again, so relax, kick up your feet as you waltz in on your own schedule. Don’t worry, it’s not like the entire world is waiting for you or anything.



—- I think I was delirious this morning when I scribbled this “conversation” in my journal. Oh dear.

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One response to “Mister Sunshine

  1. Kelsey

    January 27, 2011 at 18:53

    lol, you really do crack me up.


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