Turn me on

24 Jan

No, stop, please don’t try, you’re going to fail. That was just a catchy title to get the flow of writing going. Silly little blog reader, you.

Being not that much a fan of physical attraction (it just doesn’t happen for me, what can I say, ^^;;) I’ve found that my minimal attention towards men focuses very strongly on two things: their intelligence, and their wit. Sure, situational humor and all-out slapstick comedy and off-color jokes can be funny, but the winning point goes to someone who can make me laugh and think at the same time, or if they found humor in something that most people wouldn’t have connected together.

I won’t lie; I have a shallow side. If the guy is two feet shorter than me or has a third arm and doesn’t practice personal hygiene, I will strongly reconsider speaking to him. But if he can cleverly explain Aboriginal history to me and make a witty remark about the political situation of Russia, I may overlook it all. Well, maybe except the hygiene thing. Please make a note of this: Showers are not an option.

But all in all, what can I say, I absolutely love the idea of platonic relationships (the non-sexual, loving the person, part). Talking to someone about philosophy and the historically created political situation, or even having them explain different types of game and what kind of guns you use to hunt them (hey, not all intelligence is book sourced), sounds like an amazing way to spend the night. I guess what you can conclude from this is that learning is my aphrodisiac? Golly that sounds odd. (Especially if you know my U.G.P.A…. O.M.G.)

However not far from the truth. For me, a brilliant mind combined with a sharp sense of humor will overshadow almost every other personality characteristic a man can bring to the table. If it can be scathing, even better. Nothing’s better than a joke except a joke that burns.

What can I say, if Gregory House or Jon Stewart or Dalton Russell from the Inside Man or RDJ’s Sherlock Holmes were within 10 years of my age (or, in most cases, an actual person)… Hm. Yeah, I’d tap that.




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One response to “Turn me on

  1. francesu0

    January 26, 2011 at 20:32

    lol I think I’ll have to be in my 40s to find a guy in that category


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