Lunch boxes

21 Jan

Have you seen those spiffy lunch carriers for adults nowadays? With all the cool designs and handbag styles there’s a multitude of ways to differentiate yourself from the other losers bringing lunch to work/school. Such as:

Or the sleeker

And you can even be all snazzy stylish with

And my personal favorite, the classic INSULATED BOX

(Old) school is cool

Which, by the way, is an excellent receptacle for the ever elusive “cute Asian bento”, a thing of Western myth that is supposedly passed down from generation to generation of Asian women around the world, huddled in their proverbial kitchens with hushed voices as they learn the art of creating anime characters and panda bears out of rice, soy sauce, and seaweed flakes. All while remaining perfectly make-uped (it’s a word now) in their equally cute aprons and high heels.

Apart from that, Americans don’t seem to be as concerned with the interior of their lunch boxes as much as their exterior, aesthetic qualities. There are handbag styles, paper bag oilskin styles, styles for the mature, styles with flowers, eco-friendly bags, bags that you hold, bags that go on your back, bags that velcro or string tie or zip or fold over. Like dog jewelry once was a few years back, there seems to be a burgeoning supply and trend of stylish lunch bags that can range from $5 to over $50. Just today I overheard a couple of ladies chatting it up about their cool little food totes, how much it was, how useful it is (it holds your leftovers and you put it in the fridge anyway, what’s the difference?), where they got it from, etcetera.

Is anyone else reminded of elementary school?

It’s like when we used to carry around those hard plastic boxes with the snap clip and tiny-person handles. They were all basically the same shape and quality, they all carried the same foods (PB&J ftw!), but having a Power Rangers lunch box separated your awesomeness from the Barney lunch boxes. And no one talked to the brown paper bag kid, unless you were on a field trip.

Me? I had a purple My Little Pony lunch box. I was straight up gangsta. Word.

Kids today now have insulated lunch boxes (which STILL have Power Rangers on them.. when is that show going to go away?) that actually keep their food cold/warm, and sometimes even in separate pouches! Are we truly depriving our children from having lukewarm apple juice and uncomfortably melted cheese in their sandwiches? What cherished memories will they have now? Education? Friends?

What gibberish. Where’s my purple lunch box at, it’s time to show these kids how to be a real G.


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3 responses to “Lunch boxes

  1. francesu0

    January 22, 2011 at 09:35

    … and I carry my lunch in those $3 plastic storage boxes in king sooper’s plastic bags….

  2. Ironic Mom

    January 24, 2011 at 16:14

    I love the neoprene ones: they’re washable. Brilliant for the days when my kids decide to dump the yoghurt directly into their lunch bag…

    • chibichunsa

      January 26, 2011 at 09:40

      I’m sure your kids had excellent reasons for dumping their yogurt into said washable bags, it may be part of the artistic process. Deeper understanding of the laws of nature and the world around them. A cause and effect interpretation of moral values.
      Or it could just be a spinoff of what I used to do at that age: mix all my foods together and dare someone to eat it ’cause I could.


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