Back in the working world

17 Jan

That’s right, I’m employed!!!

It’s temporary, it has very little to do with my future career goals, but dammit all it’s a paying 40-hour a week job (and it doesn’t require selling things or talking to the mass public! WOOHOO). I can now buy gas and frozen yogurt without cringing, and am now able to pay for that pre-order of Dragon Age 2 (hot damn that game better be freaking amazing). Yeah, I pre-ordered a $60 game while I was unemployed… shit happens.

I’m working in the payments department of a medical imaging company, meaning that I deal with massive checks from insurance companies and patients all day. Mm… don’t you love the feel of money? Even if it’s not yours?

Like all accounting departments that I’ve worked with, the entire group is composed of women. Why does that always happen? Do men just not like number crunching? Maybe it’s the conveniently standard work schedule that appeals to moms? Are women simply more attracted to those spiffy calculator things with the rolls of paper?

Ohhh yeah, baby, tap my digits.

Regardless, my coworkers are all middle age and above women, and are actually pretty hilarious. They talk and laugh about quirky things, and aren’t afraid to look like fools. Once a person grows out of the state of giving a damn about stupid things, they seem to become quite goofy and enjoyable to be around.

Ah, youth. How thou hast embittered me.

They even do those little ergonomic exercises twice a day to help with posture and wrist pains from sitting at a computer for too long. Imagine my utter amusement when all these ladies randomly stood up at 9:30 in the morning to twirl their wrists around and stomp on the floor like a tantrum throwing toddler in order to free blood flow to their legs. I think I’ll join them next time, just to say that I can stomp around like a mad woman at work without being looked at funny. Apparently the company passed out yoga balls to people so they can sit at their cubicle with good posture… but have you ever tried moving papers around a huge corner desk while being planted on a yoga ball? Workers compensation can only do so much.

One thing that I don’t think that I will ever get used to is getting to work at 6 A.M. Two summers ago I worked for a couple months from 6-3 because of their shift schedule and the need to coincide with the east coast. Okay, fine, I can handle it. But that was then, during the summer, when you could at least be greeted by the sun like the beginning of a proper day before stepping into the building.

Today I had to wait at the office for over an hour before that shiny bastard bothered to peek its head above the horizon. Then a coworker had the nerve to tell me that they had worked out in the morning before they came to work. What are you talking about, fool? Look at the pitch black outside, IT’S STILL NIGHTTIME!

Good grief.

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One response to “Back in the working world

  1. francesu0

    January 21, 2011 at 23:03

    ahaha you should try to do handstands against a wall that’d help with blood circulation XD come on you can’t just stomp around you’re more youthful you gotta do something more challenging XD


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