Taking a breather

08 Jan

Sometimes, while sitting in my room and pondering the imponderable (egads that’s a real word?) I’ll kick back and take a little stroll down memory lane. Now, even at my age memory lane can be quite long and tedious, so usually after a nice stroll I plop down next to a landmark and take a breather.

Two nights ago, this nostalgic breather was right next to one of my all time favorite TV shows: Animaniacs


Animaniacs had it all: goofy cartoons, slap stick comedy, singing, satire (I started watching when I was beginning to comprehend the beauty of “wit”), not to mention adult comedy and pop culture references that I grew to appreciate as I continued to stay tuned for reruns.

The thing about me and nostalgia, is that once it has me in its grips, it doesn’t let go, no matter how many cookies I’ll throw its way.

“Remember me~” it says, clinging to me like some squealing teenager desperate to lose its virginity. “Indulge in your sporadic childhood! Think back to the good ol’ days with rose colored glasses and adult cynicism!”

So of course, what do I do? I get the first 50 episodes of Animaniacs and watch them straight through on my computer (I even bought the movie a few years ago xD).

It’s everything I remember and more. I can even sing along with some of the songs and the intros, word for word. That’s right, can’t touch this awesomeness. BAM!

It was educational, existential, and I recall it filling my Saturday mornings with hilarity while my mom shook her head at me for not spending every waking moment reading a textbook. Yeah, I’m studying American society, Mom… don’t you want me to be a lawyer successfully assimilated into the powerful White culture when I grow up?

Honestly though, this show probably has at least something to do with the fact that I make jokes about everything. Everything. National epidemics? Check. Civil wars and strife? Check. Friend’s dead dog via-poorly chosen Christmas gift? Check (yeah… this is what I get for trying to be normal). Long story short: I will never be too old for cartoons.

Now excuse me as I try to dig up the other 49 episodes to satisfy the teeny bopper nostalgia beast dry humping my leg.

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