A year in statuses

04 Jan

In Facebook there’s this one application that creates a collage of chosen statuses from the previous year. I haven’t created one yet this year but I did take advantage of the opportunity to look back and see what exactly I’ve been rambling about for the past 365 days… some aren’t very relevant to life, others are, and most just don’t plain out make sense. Examples:

  • wonders what she would sound like with a legit british accent…
  • it’s right behind me. if i turn around, it’ll get me. if i ignore it, it’ll get me. great gatsby what sort of foul logic is this??
  • is evidently not human ^_^
  • hm. well that sucks
  • is crying big wet tears of melancholy and despair… oh wait, no, just a yawn. false alarm
  • gg iran
  • where there’s hidden, uncorrupt data, there’s a way! i will unlock you, external hard drive! MARK MY WORDS! (note, I never was able to recover my data T~T)
  • ahaha, poor south africa xD
  • just realized that she mutters commentary (as she often does with anything) to herself in Korean whenever she’s on Korean/Chinese websites, Japanese for Japanese sites, and English for just about anything else  >.>
  • don’t want dementia… T~T
  • heard a strange noise today. the sound of her brain jumping out of her head and onto the pavement to get run over by a prius in an act of suicidal mutiny
  • just dodged a flying podium and got chased by an orange shadow. hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • sure. life is difficult. but so is opening a jar of pickles. and i’ll be damned if i let a stupid lid keep me from crunchy goodness.
  • mm.. there we go testing einstein again.
  • now they’re being narrated. hahahahahahaha
  • researching the global smallpox eradication; impressed and mildly fascinated.
  • bahaha, eat it, ohio.
  • just because your enemy is a d-bag doesn’t automatically exempt you from that status.
  • likes it where it’s convenient

And that’s me bite sized, status style. They’re not very complex, or pertinent, and quite frankly I feel like I should have been high when I wrote half of the ones I’ve read (I wasn’t. But I sure as hell should have been). Marvelous.

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