A whole year late

02 Jan

I may be a hardcore procrastinator, but I’ve never been a whole year late for anything. Now I can say I am! On to the update from my Christmas vacation in soCal with the family.

The most eventful day was actually Christmas Eve, when we drove out to DIA at 6 in the morning after waking up at 5 to unwrap our gifts (chocolate and a video game for me. Awesome.) After which we get to the airport, bump into some people we know, and apparently my brother and I look like terrorists because I ended up getting body scanned, and only two people later in line he gets pulled into the scanner as well. Aren’t they supposed to be like 1 in every 9 people or something? I can officially gripe about TSA now. woohoo. The security dude guiding us through was Korean though. We three bonded for a moment. (Didn’t you know? Korean strangers in America have instantaneous bonding capabilities. Boo ya misplaced solidarity!)

God seems to have been in an IOU kinda mood that day though, because after our little run in with security it ended up that there was no more room on the plane and we got bumped up to premium seating for free. Not much of a big deal with Frontier (Hank the bobcat in this case), but the extra leg space was nice.

Landed in LAX, saw a butt ton of Koreans, watched a nervous guy walking around with a little green sign that said “Liu Wei”. He passed us twice from the same direction… >.>… after half an hour though he finally walked out with a smile with a group of Chinese people, so my family and I silently applauded him on his way. Why were we people watching for over half an hour? Because our uncle was hella late. Who, by the way, hasn’t changed his van for as long as I’ve been alive (maybe longer) so the engine just died on the acceleration ramp bridge to the highway. What freaked me out more was how nonchalant his reaction was. “Oh look. Engine died. Meh, we’re still moving. Shift into neutral. Turn it on again. Look, good as new” . The fact that I’m still alive today is a Christmas miracle.

Fortunately we made it to our grandparent’s home in one piece, and with the rambunctious noise of a multitude of cousins and bustling adults we made it through the night with awesome Korean food, loud kiddies with presents, and drinking games with the whole family (kids and drivers drank water) like 3-6-9 and Baskin Robbins 31. Good times. I was exhausted. And it was only the first day.

To describe the rest of the week I shall go in the form of a song, because honestly I’m a bit lazy right now and writing all that would be painful for both myself and for you to read. So, in the style of the 12 days of Christmas, my family vacation:

12 times my uncle’s car died while on the road during the trip (probably more);

11 adults going crazy over transportation;

10 dollar parking we were too cheap to park at while on our trip to the USS Midway Museum

9 o’ clock trip at night to go buy massive shaved ice with konjac. Worth it.;

8 rowdy kids hanging onto my neck (well, one of which got kids stuck onto him. so HA);

7 glasses of water my aunt had to drink for sucking at the drinking game;

6 hours straight we played Pokemon soulsilver;

5 lines of galbi I ate for Christmas dinner;

4 rides ridden at Magic Mountain;

3 drunk men rocking it out old school on their acoustic guitar;

2 keys only that my entire family can hit in karaoke: almost right, and completely off;

1 really really really crowded-noisy-chaotic-delicious house.


And that’s that. In conclusion: My family is cooler than yours.

Happy New year everyone. If you’re still idealistic enough to make resolutions… good luck ^^v

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