Learn to drive!!

20 Dec

From a stereotypical point of view this may seem a bit out of place and rather comical coming from an Asian woman, but you are more than welcome to take that broken stereotype and watch me run over it with my Honda (yeah, yeah, I drive a Honda, I never said stereotypes are completely wrong).

Twice this past weekend I almost get run into by people merging into my lane without realizing I’m there. First time it’s after dropping my friend off at the airport; I’m in the middle lane and in this guy’s blind spot. Slowly but surely he comes drifting along into my lane from my right, no turn blinker in sight. Many people apparently have this “honk the horn” instinct and immediately honk at people wronging them on the road, but mine had yet to be developed and I instead hit the brakes and slid over to the other lane. Fortunately he saw his mistake, got back into his lane, and flashed an apologetic wave in my general direction. I was appeased. Miffed, but appeased.

Next time it’s after dropping my brother off (maybe I should just stop driving people around?) and this time I’m right next to the girl on my left, as in, fully within view by even a basic sideways glance. But did she glance? No. She just starts barreling towards me and the moment I see her crossing the line my newly acquired honking instinct kicks in and I slam my fist into the horn. Note that this was as I was looking at her, and not for a single moment did she even bother to look in my direction as she drove, just stared straight ahead with this bored, glazed look in her eye. I hate to use this word, but this damn… teenager almost ran into me because she couldn’t be bothered to turn her empty airhead, or even shift her eyes towards her destination.

I’m baffled, appalled, and pretty freaking annoyed. At least the guy the day before gave me a friendly wave and noticed his mistake. This girl didn’t even realize she made a mistake and just scoffs at me with a teenager eye roll when I honk at her, casually slowing down and getting right behind me and then tailing my ass as if I was out of line for keeping the peace.

Seriously girl? You wanna go? Eye-roll me one more time in your broken down Camry, kid, I dare you.

Granted, I didn’t stay annoyed for very long (it’s so much effort, and so tedious), but those few minutes of frustration coupled with the incident the day before  really did do a number on my faith in drivers around the country. Not to say that this faith was ever that high to begin with, but something as simple as checking the lane you’re driving into or even using the turn signal should be habitual for people.

If you can pick up your phone from the bottom of the passenger seat floor while driving, or shuffle around your Starbucks frap and breakfast burrito, then you should be able to click the stupid lever right next to your hand. It’s that simple. There is no excuse for driving a two ton machine at 60 mph and not even having the slightest comprehension of your surroundings.

Ah, humanity. Thou hast done it again.

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