Simple goodness

04 Dec

Tea is good.

Tea is good when it’s hot.

Tea is good when it’s hot and warming up your hands.

Tea is good when it’s hot and warming up your hands so you can go make more tea later.

Now for the 10 seconds that you were reading those words and staring at the picture, did you worry about the economy? The political situation of the world? Did you fret about how expensive your groceries were getting or just how much money you’re going to be needing to use on your heating bills this season? For one second did terrorists or racists or all out bigots hack your mind? Were they followed by groping TSA agents?

No. You were thinking about tea. And all its hot, hand warming goodness.

Wasn’t that a simple way to make life awesome?

Sure, it only lasted a few seconds, and now you’re probably thinking about the economy and groceries and heating bills and terrorists and airport pat downs. But at the end of the day (or in the middle, the day isn’t picky) you can always just zone off into the simple world of hot tea or a good book or a mind numbing video game. Or all three at once!

Just make sure the tea isn’t too hot for when you spill it all over your lap in excitement at beating a level… that is all.

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