Writing with cake

11 Nov

So… I haven’t been keeping up with my blog as much as usual. Only reason I remembered to post something today was because a friend of mine conveniently nagged reminded me that I have yet to update. And so, here I am!

But in my defense, this whole writing 50,000 words for a crappy novel in a month thing has really been sapping me dry of the time I usually spend being bored. Not that I’m complaining; NaNoWriMo is going fabulously craptacular, as predicted, and I shall carry on! New story ideas have popped into my head as well, so my handy dandy journal has been taking quite a beating from my also handy pen. (In handwriting that would make a third grader weep, no less) I’ve even gotten far above my daily word quota! I think that calls for a congratulatory pat on the back and a massive slice of cake.

Er. Maybe I should just stick with the pat on the back…

Speaking of cake, I’ve recently stumbled across a few sparkling jewels of cooking blogs. Yes, I said cooking blogs. Usually my interests gear me towards things that are less organic, or involve more robots or video games or politics or cars or martial arts or sleeping or legal stuff or anything that… isn’t… cooking. But alas! Thousands of years of domestication have not proved for naught! I quite literally sat for hours in my spinny chair scrolling through pictures of step by step recipes and the staggering end products. Ever been to Do it. Do~ it~! But not on an empty stomach. You have been warned.

Drooling sensations aside, as I’ve mentioned before cooking really is an enjoyable art form. Well, maybe art would be pushing it. Mildly amusing hobby? Adults version of edible arts and crafts? An excuse to deal with food outside of a meal and not be considered a strange fetish?

You collect a ton of random ingredients, each with their own unique smells and tastes and textures, and blend them together with whisks or your hands or fire (FIRE!!) and you get something magically new and delicious. Especially when you bake things: some goopy nasty concoction goes in; awe inspiring (sometimes still goopy) aromatic dishes of EPIC come out. That’s right. Pure. EPIC. Can’t get much better than that.

Dish washing is also an unfortunate side effect of these tasty adventures, and were it not for my sheer laziness and lack of dish washing motivation I would surely cook more often. Cooking for 1 is usually difficult, but this is why we have friends! Right?

That’s when we get back to one of my favorite topics – robots. More specifically, dish washing robots.

The end of my (and my friends') waist lines as we know it.


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