I am not a Bible thrower

07 Nov

You know who I’m talking about. The “Christians” that will literally throw Bibles at couples they pass by that look gay; the ones that toss pages of disturbing images of aborted fetuses to random people on the street and even next to restaurants; the ones that love angrily yelling “You’ll be damned in Hell” on liberal campuses. Come on guys, really?

I am a Reformed Presbyterian Christian. I am also a human being that embraces the logical reasoning process. Meaning that I don’t get into shouting contests with the nearest non-Christian, I don’t dishonor the dead by waving anti-gay signs at their funerals, and I don’t burn every Qur’an in sight. Only books I’ve ever burned are the study guides from school… and they deserve every flame. Ohhh yes, flame on! (My pyro tendencies seem to come out a little too much on this blog…)

And what may come as a surprise to many people, is that most Christians are like me. We live our day to day lives pretty much the same as any other person out there, except we add a dash of Bible and prayer into it, and Sundays start off with (and sometimes end with) church. You probably wouldn’t even be able to differentiate us from the average civilian unless you find us in a building with a cross on it.

Of course though, it is the judgmental Bible throwers that get all the attention, the soap box preachers that yell at the top of their lungs and curse the sinners of the world, shouting out loud that they received a vision from God about the end of the world being caused by “you folk”. Know what? Being loud doesn’t make you right.


Just stop with the righteous judgment and divine punishment. Leave it to those that are righteous and divine (hint: not you). So the world is full of sinners and sin, ok. But you know, we are part of this world. If anything, Christians should be more critical of ourselves because we are the ones that believe in the whole concept of sin.

Picking out single verses in the Bible means nothing – it’s a huge piece of literature, you can find quotes for almost anything in there. It’s the context that matters, the bigger picture, the reading of the book as a whole piece with all of its patterns and repeated symbolism and cultural/social expressions. It was not created to fuel your hate-mongering.

The entire message of Christianity is the grace and personal sacrifice of Christ for others. I think some people have really dropped the ball on this one, and those few are a ridiculous embarrassment and disgrace for the rest of us.

Now my following message has not been shown to me by the Word, or enlightened to me by a grand vision from God, or even whispered in my ear by the Holy Spirit, and most definitely not by a picture of Jesus on a burnt piece of toast:

To all the bible throwers, please, STFU.

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