Outweighing awesomeness

04 Nov

Many people think that getting a promotion, or getting married, or buying that brand new car/house we’ve always wanted will make us happy. Unfortunately, these things don’t happen everyday, if at all, and we are glumly left to wonder how we are going to get through life with our limited amount of not so awesome events.

Then we realize that it is the little things in life that make our day, and going day by day through this cycle of karmic happiness eventually combines into a shpeal of happiness that, in the end, outweighs promotions or weddings or shiny new things (unless that shiny new thing is a PS3 Move…)

1. Opening a mini bag of Skittles and finding a shit ton of greens. You know how sometimes you’ll open a bag and all that’s inside are a bunch of crappy oranges? Then you get a blast of lime green goodness. Best. Flavor. Ever.

2. Waking up two minutes before the alarm clock, and you sit there for two minutes waiting to show the alarm just how awesome and alert you are. Those simple two minutes make the rest of the day feel like it’s the one catching up to you and your awesomeness, and not the other way around.

3. Understanding an inside joke. Only cool people get to laugh at these moments of hilarity. You are now too cool for normal, every person jokes.

4. Finding cash in your laundry. An unearned, fuzzy$5 is better than any crisp, hard earned $20.

5. Stepping onto the bathroom scale and realizing you’ve lost weight by not working out for the last two weeks. You’ve beat the system. Time to celebrate with a cookie. Actually..

6. Cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies? Especially when they’re hot and slightly crunchy enough to dip in milk.

7. Catching a grammar nazi’s grammatical error. Sure, they’ve dug up your fragmented sentences and comma splices and incorrect subject-verb agreements. BUT YOU GOT IT THIS TIME! Rocked.

8. Watching any silly YouTube video. Gotta love those kittehs…

9. Casually walking to a bus stop moments before one pulls up. It’s as if it was waiting for you to arrive the entire time. You strut on board with style and say “Thank you, Geoffrey” to the bus driver, imagining him in a stiff black jacket and chauffeur hat.

10. Buying groceries and finding that there was a sale. I tally my shopping items before I check-out, so finding a $10 discrepancy in my favor at the end makes me feel like I’ve won the lotto. Without buying a ticket!

11. Receiving the friendly, appreciative wave from the car you just let cut in front of you in traffic. This rarely happens anymore, but when it does, you feel like you should take a bow for being so generous.

Now go out, don’t buy a car or get married or get a promotion, and still feel the day pelt you with little bubbles of happiness.

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