Enjoy the breeze

14 Oct

Remember that one scene from Jet Li’s “Fearless” (霍元甲) where he’s working on the rice paddy for the first time? All of  a sudden a gentle breeze flows through and everyone literally stops working to stand up and enjoy it. He gives the “you guys are all tools” look and continues haphazardly planting rice. Lo and behold the moral of the story becomes clear when later the kind blind girl has to redo his entire line because of his rush to finish. Even with all that rushing, in the end he was still embarrassed and dead last.

And what does that even mean, really? Being last, being first. He gets his rice planted slower than others, big deal. They all had to do the same amount of work, all had to plant the same amount of rice, all have to harvest later and eat their shared amount. What exactly was Huo Yuanjia striving for when he rushed to plant everything quickly? Bragging rights? I guess I could see if the point of it was to have the most leisure time at the very end, but even then it fails because obviously the other farmers were content with plenty of leisure standing in the relaxing draft and really didn’t lose all that much compared to him. Plus he got outdone by a blind girl anyway, eat it.

As I’m sitting here worrying about not having a job right this moment and the whole course of my ENTIRE future, I’m wondering the same thing. What’s at the end of the rice patty? Do I sit back in an armchair and drink chocolate milk in the shade while I watch other people planting? Sounds pretty dull, actually. It’s not like flying through a tornado at the end will make up for a lifetime’s worth of missed breezes.

I guess this is my “stop and smell the roses” moment. Except I really don’t like the smell of roses. Guess I’ll stick with the wind.

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