Attempt #2

12 Oct


Or at least some mild version of success that is farther away from failure than was the last attempt. My hair color, after a combined two hours of bleaching and one hour of coloring, has been transformed into a mesh of happy cotton candy-esque pinks, blues, and greens. Of course the blues sort of mix into the greens and the pink isn’t nearly as bright as it was advertised and the green is probably going to fade to yellow very very soon…

But! It is still a success! I got stares from the masses, laughs from the relatives, and a camera trigger happy friend that took literally hundreds of shots of this messy masterpiece. Of course I can’t post those pictures because they are limited to donors only (Like myself, my friends are cheap. This was the only way to get through to them) and honestly I haven’t even seen all of them yet, so it might be a good thing to withhold from viewing. I did of course receive more donations for the fundraiser, which was the main reason my hair had to die this month. Ohh I was this close to making a witty pun there. Ah, opportunity lost. Regret. Sorrow. Acceptance. Rejuvenation. And who says I couldn’t be a good psychiatrist…

I should probably be shamelessly advertising the fundraiser right now. So here we go!

Clink the link:

And donate to our cause~! ^_^ Make my brittle-cotton-candy-hair-potentially-lost-employment-due-to-unprofessional-image worth the while.

In other news today, I nearly died of a sugar overload from Applebee’s maple butter… blondie… thing. Ridiculously sweet, ridiculously awesome, and just.. ridiculous.

In the eternal words of Stewie: "This is so good it HAS to be fattening"... although I guess that was obvious.

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