10 Oct

Women today are a breed apart from our 1920’s predecessors. We wear business suits. We drive cars. We slap our spouses and (usually) don’t expect  to be beaten in return with the power of the double standard. We are CHANGE, I tell you, and we shan’t be cooped up in the kitchen and laundry rooms any longer!

Or at least this is what the modern woman would like to say for herself. Somehow “being an independent woman” has subtly transformed into “being the woman that doesn’t know how to make food or use a laundry machine”. Since when was being domesticated a bad thing? Men nowadays are learning to cook for themselves (if anything, out of necessity), so why should women stop? I personally enjoy cooking (read:baking). Cleaning up after cooking is a different story, but the actual preparation and creation of food is enjoyable. Am I being a traitor to the feminist movement?

What happened to the feminist movement anyway. First we burn bras, then we make them push up and lacy for men to ogle at. Are we practicing our right to objectify ourselves instead of letting some man do it? We fight for the right to vote, then the majority of America doesn’t vote anyway. Are we practicing our right to avoid voting? I’m all up for feminism, hurrah. “Bitch make me a sandwich” is not acceptable unless your female canine is somehow magically capable of creating a BLT. Expecting a working woman to come home and whip up a three course meal for her poor, tired husband isn’t realistic. But completely going against the “norm” and expecting the man to do all the things a woman used to be responsible for just doesn’t quite say “equality” to me.

Why can’t we share? Sharing is caring you know. A woman can cook and the man can do dishes, or vice versa. One person picks up the kids from daycare, the other drops them off. I’ll do laundry, you vacuum the house. No reason to put social stigmas, or anti-stigmas, on either person because of historical aggravation or body parts. I will bake a cake in an apron and do laundry if I damn well please, but no man will tell me to do it and no woman will tell me not to.

Makes me wonder what the next step of ultra feminism is.

Um.... no.

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