Attempt #1

07 Oct

For the month of October I’ve decided to participate in the fundraiser Mustache4Cash/Color4Kids, a month long event that has men growing out mustaches and women coloring their hair in order to receive monetary donations. These funds go to non-profit agencies in Colorado that support at-risk youth by giving scholarships, mentoring, tutoring, college prep programs, and just general support to fight the statistics and continue through higher education. For such a cause, I reached out to friends and family to see what it would take for them to donate. Given my rather cynical/bland personality, they all thought it would be amazingly hilarious for me to dye my hair with hot pink. Ask and ye shall receive.

I have taken them up for their word, and just this evening attempted to add streaks of hot pink, bright blue, and neon green to my round head. My natural hair being dark brown/black, it was obvious that I needed to bleach my hair a bit before adding these colors. After getting assistance from a helpful friend for over 2 hours (dear God it’s as much time I spend on my hair per month), we have come to the conclusion that my Asian hair is as stubborn as… well, Asian hair. Know any Asian women? There it is, in hair form.

Even after bleaching said hair for over an hour, instead of the desired “lemon yellow” it turned more into a “honey wheat toast” shade. The cheap grainy kind. Obviously, the attempted experiment to gain a hot pink was unsuccessful. Fortunately I have more than enough dye to try again this Saturday, at which point I will bleach my hair until it is lemony happy, or die trying.

No, literally, I think my hair will die at this rate. I’m usually proud of how healthy (if not messy) my hair is, and running your hands through bleached hair is akin to stroking sandpaper. Feeling that be a part of you is disturbing and bothersome to say the least. Ah well, all for a good cause I suppose. I will update on my hair status after another session this Saturday. Wish me luck ^_^

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One response to “Attempt #1

  1. Kelsey

    October 8, 2010 at 16:56

    yep its confirmed. you’re hair will be like toast come saturday.
    you shouldve posted a picture of attempt number one. it still looked…interesting


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