Poser forest

29 Sep

Colorado is a great state for outdoorsy people. It has nice clean air, awesome mountains for snowboarding and hiking and star gazing, cool looking golden blooms of aspen in the fall, huge and majestic red rocks, white water rafting, etc etc and so on and so forth. But I am craving forests.

Yes yes I understand we have mountains covered in pine trees and firs, and that’s great. Except the fact that they’re pine trees and firs. They’re not real forests, just leftover splinters from other forests in the country that somehow survived the lack of oxygen up here. I’m talking about deciduous trees that turn red and golden and orange in the autumn and have huge leaves the size of your head and are so tall you end up falling backwards when you try to look at the treetops. Aspen forests are dazzling to look at in the fall; taking a day hike and eating lunch up on  those paths of gold is an annual treat. But there’s just no substance. You stand in an aspen forest, you can still see most of the sky. Run into an aspen tree, and the tree shakes the slightest bit. In a real forest, you look up and there’s a thick mesh of colorful leaves almost blocking your entire view. You run into a tree, you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall and nature has just slapped you upside the head for not understanding what a tree actually is capable of.

Because of this pine beetle epidemic we seem to be having, pine trees are clearing out of the way and aspens are invading the open space. But maybe we could introduce some trees other than aspen? Now we have a chance to bring in some trees that aren’t… you know… made of pine. Although I suppose the lack of oxygen/humidity would greatly dampen the effort. Such is life… Time to go look at a nice scenic calendar.

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