International Baccalaureate

27 Sep

Let it just be known that the fact that I can spell baccalaureate correctly without having to look it up or use spell check really does frighten me sometimes. Moving on.

IB. Two simple letters. One awkward acronym. A lifetime of connection.

There are many things I learned in IB that I keep in my mental stockpile to this day. How to write a semester long essay in one day. How to prioritize which classes to take notes in so you can share with other classmates. How to think of philosophy backwards and forwards to the point that you have absolutely no idea what you believe in anymore or even if you exist. Thanks ToK…

While it’s true that we as the IB student body moaned and griped during every waking moment of our IB experience, I must admit that I’m glad I went through (or stumbled through… you decide) the entire program and got my IB diploma. Other than the college credits I received, it did leave a lasting impression on me. It was a pseudo-college like experience and got me prepared for all nighters and essay fluff and project multi-tasking. Everyone connected with each other in our little IB “family” and understood each other. Not to mention the “inbreeding” IB couples. We sat through classes together with the same teachers, studied for the same tests, procrastinated on the same assignments. Even if we didn’t like each other as people necessarily, we were one and the same when it came to academics and had a foundation of understanding.

Soon I realized that we didn’t only share this foundation within our high school, but with every single person that ever received an IB diploma. Back in undergrad I met people from out of state that also went through IB, all of whom we could reminisce together about our extended essays and share stories about our sixth subject and return to the four ways of knowing. And since this is an international program, one can get the slight impression that we have experienced what people our age thousands of miles away have been through. Good times.

Look at me, getting all choked up about school. I’m going to go dig up my little blue sash and cry away my nerd tears.

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