Standardized testing

26 Sep

Oh glorious standardized tests. Whatever would our world do without you? The way you judge us against ourselves with antiquated vocabulary and meaningless math trivia. How you so meticulously set the standard for intelligence and critical thinking, showing us just how well we’ll do in schools and measure our future success. What’s that, it isn’t true? You mean you can’t really tell us how well we’ll do? You don’t say. You mean all that studying and freaking out and hundreds of dollars really don’t do anything except give us a meaningless number? Goodness, what a scandal. You’d think that someone would put an end to such a money grubbing charade….

Oh. Nope. Guess not. The prices just go higher and the standards just keep shifting with “new and improved” testing methods. I myself have funneled in hundreds of dollars for these things and spent hundreds more on study material. My scores always end up being pretty high, but I soon learned that this really has nothing to do with my actual intelligence. Just how well I can adapt to their current mindset. There goes my ego trip…

Ah well, what can you do? To get a better job you need higher education, for higher education you need higher testing, for higher testing you need more time to study at which point you quit the current job you have in hopes of getting a better one… later. After that you can get your amazing job and use it to pay for your higher education debt which you might not have needed to incur if you could have used the time working at the job you had before you started studying. Man I love the system.

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One response to “Standardized testing

  1. Jun Kurayami

    September 26, 2010 at 21:48

    Ahhh, dontchya love it? It’s all about the money, it can all be traced back to the money… gotta spend it to make it, they say… think of it this way, your spending all this money en route to making the job you could have already had is giving people jobs in this hard economy… at the obvious expense of your own for the moment. Ahh well…


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