Hello world!

20 Sep

Apparently the title of this “first ever” blog, Hello world!, is given as default. I like to think of it as the statement a newborn makes when it first fist pumps the doctors in their  sterilized, blinding white hospital. Fist pumps make the world go ’round you see, and newborns have the instinctual ability to greet strangers in this fashion in order to continue the great cycle that is life. Yes. I believe I’ll keep the title as is.

I’ve never been much into blogging, and I really can’t say how dedicated I will be to this little figment of cyber space, so no promises of cute doggy pictures or everyday rants or even film commentaries. Although, in all likelihood you will eventually see said cute doggy pictures and rants and commentaries. Flexible schedules rejuvenate the spirit, and these future posts have been flexibly entered into my to-do list.

I actually tried to sign up for WordPress today, only to learn that at some point in my teenager years I had already signed up… and never actually created a blog. What was going on in my mind at the moment, I haven’t the slightest idea, but it was mildly satisfying that my name had already been entered into the system, awaiting my return and saving my spot in the middle of a crowded theater.

That being said, here is a picture of a hamster playing tennis with a masterful backhand.

Hamster tennis

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